Research & Development

LTI has the staff, test facilities and research background to resolve distortion problems due to all forms of non-linearity. Our state of the art in-house facilities accommodate work from dc up through millimeter wave frequencies and photonic applications.


Over the past 12 years, our primary R & D experience has been in the development of predistortion linearizers using passive and active devices, and more recently digital techniques. We also have experience with feed forward, feed back and other forms of linearization. We have a highly experienced system analysis group that has developed proprietary software to assist in the design and test of linearizers, and to evaluate the potential benefits from linearization.


Our current research activities include:

• Developing high performance wideband IMD and harmonic linearizers.

• Increasing the upper frequency limits of millimeter wave linearizers.

• Extending the bandwidth and performance of DSP based linearization.

• Reducing the distortion of photonic modulators.

• Methods to characterize and correct memory effects in high power
   amplifiers. Recent Publications include:

• "Improved Radio Over Fiber Performance Using Predistortion Linearization.

• "The Linearized Microwave Power Module."

   (MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest, June, 2003.)

• "Ka-Band Linearization.”

   (Eighth Ka-band Utilization Conference Digest. Bavino. Italy. Sept. 2002.)

• "Performance Of Multi-carrier I6QAM Over a Linearized TWTA Satellite Channel."

   (AIAA 20th I. C. S. S. Conference Proceedings. Montreal. May 2002.)

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