WAFL Series
L/S, C, X, Ku & K (DBS) & Ka - Band

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Provide TWTAs with an effective 4x power increase with digital &multicarrier traffic

WAFL series linearizers are standard 19" rack mounted panel units intended for use with TWTAs, Klystrons, and SSPAs. They give an effective 4x power increase with digital and multicarrier traffic. Installation is usually less than 30 minutes using the Quick Start Alignment Guide.


- For TWTAs, Klystrons & SSPAs

- "Set and Forget" One Setting Covers Full Uplink Band

- Easy to Install- less than 30 minutes

- Extensive Customer Support


- Front Panel and/or Computer  Controlled

- Serial (RS232/485), Parallel, or LAN Interface

- Gain/Delay Equalizer

- Power Monitor

- Fault Alarm

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