TEQ Series

Tilt Equalizers for C, X, and Ku Satellite Bands

The LTI TEQ-6000 series are tilt equalizers designed to correct the frequency response slope of RF Power Amplifiers. They are available in C-Band, X-Band, and Ku-Band frequencies for TWT Power Amplifiers, Klystrons and Solid State Power Amplifiers. They provide full uplink bandwidths and simple voltage control of the slope.

TEQ Series Product Summery

LBL                                          UBL

5.85                                         6.50 GHz

7.90                                         8.40 GHz

13.75                                       14.50 GHz


< 1.5:1

5. Deviation from a straight line

±  0.25 dB

4. Control Voltage

2 to 5 Volts (Nominal)

3. Gain Slope Across Band

> ± 2.5 dB

2. Maximum Insertion Loss

6 dB

1. Option/Frequency Band Limits




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